RUXANDRA CESEREANU (b. 1963, Cluj, Romania) established herself over the last two decades as an important Romanian poet and prose writer who has been awarded a number of literary honors. She is also Professor at the Faculty of Letters (Department of Comparative Literature) in Cluj, member of the staff of the Center for Imagination Studies (Phantasma) and director of the Creative Writing Workshops on poetry, prose and movie scripts.

Cesereanu’s prolific literary achievements begin with eight poetry books: her last book until now is Scrisoare către un prieten și înapoi către țară / Letter to a friend and back to the country (Pitești: Paralela 45, 2018).

Cesereanu has also participated in producing a pair of experimental co-authored books: Submarinul iertat / Forgiven Submarine, written together with Andrei Codrescu (Timișoara: Brumar, 2007; Charmides, 2017), translated into English in 2009 by Andrei Codrescu (Boston: Black Widow Press, USA); and Ținutul Celălalt / The Otherland, written together with Marius Conkan (Bucharest: Cartea Românească, 2011).

Three of Cesereanu’s poetry books have appeared in English: Schizoid Ocean (translated by Claudia Litvinchievici, Binghamton: esf publishers, 1997); Lunacies (translated by Adam J. Sorkin, Claudia Litvinchievici and the poet, New York: Spuyten Duyvil / Meeting Eyes Bindery imprint, 2004) and Crusader-Woman (translated by Adam J. Sorkin, Claudia Litvinchievici, Madalina Mudure and the poet, Boston: Black Widow Press, 2008).

Her poetry books have been translated into Italian (Coma, translated by Giovanni Magliocco, Rome: Aracne, 2012 and Venezia dalla vene viola. Lettere di una cortigiana, translated by Giovanni Magliocco, Rome: Aracne, 2015) and Hungarian (Keresztesasszony / Crusader-Woman, translated by Visky Zsolt, Koinonia, 2007).