Michel Deguy

Michel Deguy

Michel Deguy, founded Po&sie in 1977 and has been the editor-in-chief of the journal published by Belin ever since. Working in academia (professor emeritus, Paris VIII), he led the Collège international de philosophie (International Philosophy College) between 1986 and 1989 and afterwards presided over its administrative board for many years.

As a poet and a philosopher, his work has been primarily published by Gallimard (amongst which two volumes in the “Poésie/Gallimard” collection, assembling writings published between 1960 and 2007), by Seuil (“Fiction et Cie” and “Librairie du XXIème siècle”), by Galilée (six works including La Raison poétique 2000 and La Vie subite 2016), and by Hermann (Ecologiques 2012; a fin dans le monde 2009)

He tells the story of the years he spent at Gallimard in Le Comité (Champ Vallon, 1988).

As an essayist, he writes about Marivaux in La Machine matrimoniale (Gallimard, TEL collection, 1982).

He most recently published works of poetry: Tombeau pour Yves Bonnefoy, La robe noire, 2018; Divan amoureux, Alger, 2018; Prose du suaire, poem in twenty languages, Almanar, 2015) and poetics: Noir, impair et manque, Argol, 2016; L’Envergure des comparses, Hermann, 2017.