Marilyne Bertoncini

Marilyne Bertoncini

Marilyne Bertoncini is a poet and a translator, she is the co-editor of the online review Recours au Poème. She is the author of numerous articles on literature and teaching, and finds interest in passages: communication, translation, displacement, going crossing borders, languages, roaming from one dream… to another. She now dedicates herself to the problems of translation and to her own works – often in collaboration with artists.


Major Publications:


Poetry collections

Sable [Sand], with works by Wanda Mihuleac, Transignum, January 2019;

Mémoire vive des replis [Living memory of folds], Pourquoi viens-tu si tard? publishing house, November 2018 ;

– L’Anneau de Chillida [Chillida’s Ring], Atelier du Grand Tétras, March 2018 ;
Le Silence tinte comme l’angelus d’un village englouti [Silence rings like the angelus of a submerged village], Imprévues, June 2017 ;

La Dernière Oeuvre de Phidias, suivi de L’Invention de l’absence [Phidias’ last work, followed by The Invention of Absence], Jacques André Éditor, March 2017 ;
Aeonde, La Porte, March 2017 ;
Labyrinthe des Nuits, suite poétique [Labyrinth of the Nights, a poetical sequel], RaP, March 2015 ;



– Carol Jenkins,  Ennuage-moi, a bilingual collection,  River road Poetry Series, 2016 ;
– Peter Boyle, Early in the Morning, Tôt le matin,  RaP, 2015 ;
– Ming Di, Livre des sept vies, RaP, 2015 ;
– Ming Di, Histoire de Famille, avec des illustrations de Wanda Mihuleac, Transignum, Juin 2015 ;
– Martin Harrison, Rainbow Snake, Serpent Arc-en-ciel,  RaP, 2015 ;
– Tanja Kragujevic Secanje Svile, Mémoire de Soie, Beograd, 2015 ;
– Barry Wallenstein, Tony’s Blues, RaP, 2014 ;