Ioan Pintea (born on 26th October 1961 in Runcu-Salvei, Bistrița-Năsăud county) graduated from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of the “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca. He is manager at the “George Coșbuc” County Library and parson at the “Three Saint Hierarchs” church in Bistrița. Editor-in-chief for the “Literary Movement” magazine. Member of the Writers’ Union in Romania.

He published poetry books “The cold and the fear” (Dacia Publishing House, 1992), “The Empty Tomb” (Dacia Publishing House, 1999), “John’s Garden” Aletheia Publishing House, 2000), “The Woodworker’s House” (Cartea Românească Publishing House, 2009), “50 Exquisite poems” (Eikon Publishing House, 2011), “Aboriginal Snails” (Charmides Publishing House, 2013), “Face towards face” (Cartier Publishing House, 2019), “The most beautiful poems” (Hertzog Publishing House, 2021); essays, journals, conversations: “The menace of confession” (conversations with N. Steinhardt, Dacia Publishing House, 1993-1998; Humanitas Publishing House 2006; Polirom Publishing House, 2009),  “Companionships in the Babel Tower” (essays and dialogues) (Omniscop Publishing House, 1995), “The joy of questioning. Father Stăniloae in conversation with Ioan Pintea” (Aletheia Publishing House, 2002), “Orthodox admirations” (theological and literary essays) (Limes Publishing House, 2003), “Short discontinuous journal with N. Steinhardt” (Paralela 45 Publishing House, 2007), “Proximities and confessions” (Cartea Românească Publishing House, 2012).

Ioan Pintea is the author of The Sanctification Mass of the Pious Pahomie of Gledin (2006) and The Sanctification Mass of the Saint Martyrs of Năsăud (2007).

He edited, prefaced and curated a great part of N. Steinhardt work: “Giving you shall receive” (Dacia Publishing House 1994), “The journey of a prodigal son” (Adonai Publishing House, 1995), “The Temptation of reading” (Dacia Publishing House, 2000), “In Praise of noble and sentimental literature” (together with Radu Săplăcan; Cronica Publishing House, 2001, 2003), “I myself and a few others” (new and old essays) (Dacia Publishing House, 2001), “Romanticized essay on defeat” (Timpul Publishing House, 2003), “Words of faith” (Humanitas Publishing House, 2006).

Featured in a series of poetry and essay collections, Ioan Pintea also produced an important number of editions/publications/collections on George Coșbuc, Petru Cardu, Grigore Pletosu, Nicolae Manolescu, Ioan Alexandru, Ion Moldoveanu, etc.

His poems have been translated into French, English, Italian, German and Hungarian.