Françoise Coulmin

Françoise Coulmin

Françoise Coulmin, 1941 Normandy, France. A painter, geographer and “poet of combat and resistance, she remains a free and rebellious electron”.

      As a poet, she counts 14 works published by various publishing houses : Le Dé Bleu, Les Écrits des Forges (Québec), La Bartavelle, L’Arbre à Paroles (Belgium), Le Temps des Cerises, L’Harmattan, Henry, La Feuille de Thé. The latter published a compilation of 30 years of her poetic writings titled Without hope, I give in to hope (2018).

She also compiled four poetic anthologies:

What if Red didn’t exist? (2009, 67 authors) and We, multitude (2011, 107 authors) by Le Temps des Cerises;

Free to create, Free to shout (2014, 99 authors, Editions Henry);

French Poetry, 100 years after Apollinaire (2018, 50 authors, Maison de poésie É. Blémond);

She appears in more than 70 anthologies and poetic revues (print & online, in France & other countries), frequently collaborates with artists as painters & music composers and takes part in numerous symposia. Her work was translated in several languages. In 2012 she won the International Poetry Award Antonio Vicarro, for all of her writings.

Member of: The Société des Gens de Lettre (SGDL), The French Centre of PEN International, The World Poetry Movement (WPM), The Maison de poésie É. Blémond.

Co-responsible of: The 2015 & 2018 International Meetings in Narbonne (France) for the ALEM symposium (Actors for Freedom of Speech in the Euro-Mediterranean).