Claus Ankersen is a writer, poet, artist, performer, literary activist and -translator from Denmark. He writes bilingually and works internationally, having performed his poetry at literature festivals in more than 20 countries around the world. He is the author of 17 books, and selected material have seen translation into Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, Urmurt, Bulgarian, English, Uzbek, Spanish, Malayalam, Chinese, and Macedonian.

As a literary translator, Claus has translated collections by Ukrainian poet, Zury Zavadsky, the Indian poet Tishani Doshi as well as Czech poet Jana Orlová. His work has seen support from such benefactors as Danish Arts Foundation and he is the recipient of several international fellowships.

In Romania, the writer have performed at the Bucharest Poetry Festival, in Craiova, Brasov and seen publications in magazines as Pravalia Culturala, Fitralit and Revista Dunarea de Jos, as well as in the anthology Almanah Clepto-hydra.

In 2019 Claus saw publication of three collections of poetry in Romania. Two of them was written in collaboration with Romanian poets. Pink Pong (frACTalia 2019) with Andrei Zbirnea and In defence of the cherries (Brumar, 2019) with Peter Sragher. Finally selected poems was translated by Flavia Teoc and published as the poetry collection Cantecul Tigrului (frACTalia, 2019).

Claus currently serves as Chair of Danish Authors of Fiction and Poetry.