AURA CHRISTI (b. 1967, Chișinău) is a Romanian poet, novelist, essayist, publicist and translator. She graduated from “Gh. Asachi” Romanian-French Secondary School in Chișinău (1984) and the Faculty of Journalism of the State University (1990).

Her first works were published on October 23 1983 by Tineretul Moldovei newspaper. As a student, she became an editor and later the coordinator of the culture section of this newspaper. (1988-1991). She was editor-in-chief of the Galaxia Gutenberg periodical (1991 – 1992).

In 1993, she re-acquired her Romanian citizenship and settled in Bucharest. Her poems have been translated and published in Germany, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Israel, the Russian Federation, the USA, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Wales, Macedonia, China, England etc. Her novels and essays describe human destinies under foreign occupation, her recurrent motif being home – in exile. The recurring theme of her books is the geographical exile and the desire to find her homeland in poetry, which “she signs with… a foreign name. While the former is an irreparable trauma, poetry, albeit under an adopted name, offers her a homeland.”

Aura Christi has done tours, public recitals and readings as a guest of festivals, symposia, book fairs and congresses in Israel, Greece, Moldova, China, the Russian Federation, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, France, Germany etc. She is the editor-in-chief of Contemporanul periodical. She is a member of the Writers’ Union of Romania and the Writers’ Union of Moldova.

A few awards and honours: Ministry of Culture Award for Poetry, 1993; Romanian Academy Award for Poetry, 1996; Writers’ Union and Vinea Publishing House Award for Poetry, 1997; Writers’ Union of Moldova Award for Essay, 1998; “Ion Șiugariu” Award for Poetry, 1999; Tomis Periodical and Dobrogea Branch of the Writers’ Union Award for Novel (SculptorulThe Sculptor), 2001; Antares Periodical Award for Poetry, 2003;  Convorbiri literare Periodical Award for Novel for the book Noaptea străinului (Night of the Stranger) 2004; Man of the Year 2017 Award and Anniversary Medal “Israel 70”, given by the Association of Israeli Writers of Romanian Language and the Israeli-Romanian Cultural Centre 2018.