Arcadie Suceveanu

Arcadie Suceveanu

Arcadie Suceveanu (b. 1952, Republic of Moldova) is a poet and essayist, born on the 16th of November 1952, in Suceveni, Northern Bucovina. He is a graduate of the College of Romanian Language ans Literature of Cernauti University (1974). He is president of the Moldovan Writers’ Union.

Literary prizes: State Prize of the Republic of Moldova (1998), The Prize „M. Eminescu” for Poetry awarded by the Romanian Academy (1997), Moldovan Writers’ Union Prize (1999, 2002), Romanian Writers’ Union Prize (2016).

His poems have been translated in the following languages: Russian, Ukrainian, German, English, French, Turkish, Macedonian, Swedish, Belgian, Czech, Belarusian, Albanian, Italian, Polish, Azerbaijani and others.

Books published: The Words are Calling Me, 1979; Earth of Balance, 1982, The Snail Ran Away from Home, 1984; Five O’clock without Two Feathers, 1986; Message at the End of the Millennium, 1987; In the Bride’s Shift, 1989; The Archives of Golgotha, 1990; Beyond What Eyes Can See, 1991; The Second Which I Am, 1993; Eternal Denmark, 1995; The Knight of the Nothingness, 1999; The ship from the Garret, 2004; Magdeburg Hemispheres (essays), 2005; Arca dies, 2008; 101 Poems, 2009; Beings, Shadows, Epiphanies, 2011; Windows Faded by Angels, 2014; Erasm’s Characters, 2016, and others, including several children’s books.

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