Albert Mestres

Albert Mestres

Albert Mestres (1960, Spain) is a writer, translator and stage director.

He has published the books of poetry O res (1991), A sac (1999), Tres (2001), Llvm (2007), Comèdia (2008), Nous (2013) and Poemes intestins (2018). A selection of his poems translated to french, Le crabe, has been published in 2017. He has published also several plays, six novels, books of short stories and essays.

He has premiered operas and plays and directed some twenty plays by several contemporary playwrights.

He has translated the Marquis of Sade, Villiers de L’Isle-Adam, Martial, T. Landolfi, C. Nodier, G. Steiner, F. Pessoa, A. Baricco, J. Worms, D. Edwards, J. P. Sartre, J. M. Synge, Th. De Quincey, J. Racine, J. Ford, P. Aretino, S. T. Coleridge and G. Polet.

Currently he is professor at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona.

He has a publishing house of theatre books and CDs of modern music.